jenQphotography: Blog en-us (C) jenQphotography (jenQphotography) Fri, 16 Feb 2018 19:35:00 GMT Fri, 16 Feb 2018 19:35:00 GMT jenQphotography: Blog 112 120 LUKE::NEWBORN { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } What a sweet sweet little dude!! You're probably about to turn 1 and I hope you come back to smash a cake with me!! It's a good time I promise ;) 


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EMELIA::NEWBORN { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Oh Emmy!!!! You've brought joy to so many people.... and I just know this life has many many great things in store for you. ....I adore looking back at these chunky little cheeks!!! 


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HURT::JUST MARRIED!!! { Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer } Omg... I like couldn't love these people more.... this day was filled with so much fun and so many laughs that I could do it over and over again and OVER again. I wish nothing but the best for you two!!!!!!!

Much love!! 





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ELEANOR THE FASHIONISTA::KIDDOS { Grand Rapids Photographer } Oh. My. Word..... this may be  my favorite session with a kiddo to date. She want's to be a fashion designer, had all her outfits planned, and rocked this shoot like she was on the cover of Vogue!! And I honestly felt in my heart that one day she or her clothes WILL BE! Keep dreaming and working on your dreams sweet E. Much love and respect little one. 



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MOMMY AND ME MINIS { Grand Rapids Family Photographer } Well I sure wish I would have booked more of these because I just love the black and white mama and her baby!! Maybe we'll get more of ya this year;) 


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BRYNN::NEWBORN { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer }  

Does that baby not have the best head of hair you've ever seen?!??  .....and nose, and lips, and eyes, and cheeks and fingers and toes..... Well she's perfect really. 

xo Miss Brynn!! 

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THE STUNNING MISS A::BOUDOIR { Grand Rapids Boudoir Photography } I can't even begin to tell you how may strong, amazing, sexy, fearless, women I have met doing these sessions. I consider them a blessing in my life and they help keep me fearless and strong too. Cheers Miss A. You totally rocked it!!! 


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SPRING FLING::MINIS { Grand Rapids Family Photographer } Heeeeeey Sloops!! Looking good as always!! This is one of my favorite sessions of you all. Hope to see you guys again this spring!


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SPRING FLING MINIS::BROOKS { Grand Rapids Family Photographer } One of the happiest little humans I've ever met. His eyes twinkle, he loves his mama, and the camera loves him. Just a pure joy Mr. Brooks. Can't wait to see you again bud! 


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BENNETT::WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Ryan your pretty too, but Kristen..... gurl..... you GORGEOUS!!!!! Pretty funny too;) I just know this little nugget is gettin some good genes with you two. It will be a pleasure if I get to watch her grow up!





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MACIE::NEWBORN { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Hey sweet Macie!!! I'll be seeing you for your 1 year shoot here very soon. I can't wait to see what you're like with a nice sugar high;) 

How time flies little one. 


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SEBASTIAN::9 MONTHS { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Oh my sweet Sebby!! How time flies little one. You're cute as a dang button and you Whites have my heart!!


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JAMES IS 1!!! { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } I like adore these people and James's cake smash may be one of my all time favorites. He was so in to it and smiley!!! It was just a freaking great time. Glad you peeps are in my life!


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KENNEDY IS ONE!! { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } This sweetpea looks stellar in a tutu doesn't she???? Happy first birthday Kennedy!

We had a great party. 

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NEWBORN::SAM { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Well hello you handsome little devil! I couldn't get over this guys squishy cloud like skin..... It was a dream!



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NORA IS ONE!!! { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Cake smashes are me and my cat's favorite..... always cake to eat!!! Happy one year sweet Nora!!!'re probably two now, but you know what what I mean. #blogcatchup

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NEWBORN::MARIANO { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Ummmmmm love this sesh. Love this kid. Can't wait to see him just around the corner. Keep an eye out for his cake smash/1 year photos!!

xoxo Mariano

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THE SUPER SEXY MS. S::BOUDOIR { Grand Rapids Boudoir Photographer } Gurl....... can I just say how thoroughly you killed this session??!!?? Well you did. And I adore these images and you;) I'm sure the hubs did too! 


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HURT::MATERNITY { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Cheryl..... you are just RADIANT!!! And sweet little Brynn is almost one..... how has that happened?!?! Hope I get to see yall soon! 




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LENORE::HALF BDAY VALENTINES DAY SHOOT { Grand Rapids Family Photographer } Love these people and Lenore's half birthday valentines shoot!!! I mean..... she's like the cutest greatest valentines day gift EVER! 


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