jenQphotography: Blog en-us (C) jenQphotography (jenQphotography) Tue, 10 Jul 2018 04:16:00 GMT Tue, 10 Jul 2018 04:16:00 GMT jenQphotography: Blog 112 120 THE LEE FAMILY { Grand Rapids Michigan Photographer } This little pne was a straight up HAM!!!  ....and I loved every minute of it:)


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THE KINCH EXTENDED FAMILY SESSION { Grand Rapids Photographer } I totally and utterly adore these people!! .... and if I remember correctly it was INSANELY cold this day, so I don't know how much they loved me... but they were troopers and we got some good stuff! 


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THE HOLMES FAMILY! { Grand Rapids Michigan Photographer ) Love this gorgeous family of 3 and I can't wait to see you guys in a month!!! I can't believe you've almost been married a YEAR! Time flies doesn't it??????


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THE HEATH FAM! { Grand Rapids Michigan Photographer } One of my favorite family and sissy photos of all time are from this session..... TO. DIE. FOR. 

XOXO Heaths!! 

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EXTENDED FAMILY SESSION::SLOOP DEWITT { Grand Rapids Michigan Family Photographer } Daaaaaannnnnggggg..... you guys are looking so FLY!!!!! Love your faces, love your kiddos, LOVE that kitty cat, love your style!! SO glad we were able to get you all together for this fun night. 


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THE BROWN FAMILY! { Grand Rapids Photographer } This was one of my favorite sessions from last fall..... and these kids just crack me up! Hope to do it again this year!!! 

xo Browns

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ANDREA + NATE::JUST MARRIED!! { Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding Photographer } These two legit blew me away. So chill and sweet on wedding day.... and SO STUNNING! I had a great time hanging with you all and I wish we could just do it all over again. Such a beautiful day. Much love and happiness Dillons!! 


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THE BRACE FAM! { Grand Rapids Family Photographer } Look at this cute tribe of three! 



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MOLLI + TRAVIS::ENGAGED!! { Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding Photographer } Engaged and just recently married!! Congratulations you guys. You make a truly beautiful couple and the camera loves you both. Hope Jamaica is treating you very very well!!


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THE DAZZLING MISS T!! { Grand Rapids Michigan Boudoir Photographer } You know how some people just radiate sparkle? ......Well she was one of those people. 

Just gorgeous. 


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TAYLER AND ANDREW::JUST MARRIED!! { Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding Photographer } This is one of the sweetest groups of people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. And to top that off all of the vendors were insanely perfect. Honestly, I'm going to include links below and I highly encourage you to try all of these things once!! You know when you just know about a couple. Well that's how I felt about these two. 

xoxo Holmes!!  


Cake Caka Bakery

Flowers/Wedding rentals Gigi and Laclede

Venue Old Stonegate Farms

Caterer Hog Wild

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VIVIANNA::CLASS OF 2017 { Grand Rapids Senior Photographer } This gorgeous young women is going to do great things. I hope I get to see what they are!!

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THE CLARK FAMILY { Grand Rapids Photographer } It's rare that I blog anything personal, but I love these images and the time we had so much I have to blog it! Some of my old (John just turned 40 lol!) friends from St. Louis came up last fall for a little weekend up north and it was pretty much the best time ever. And I just can't really express how cute I think their kids are and how super likable they were!!! Which you know, with kids, is a crap shoot haha. But yeah, I followed them around with a camera of course the colors are out of control and the memories are just so priceless to me. 

Love you a ton friends.  

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RAMONA::NEWBORN { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } I don't know if I say it enough but I adore in home sessions. It shows more about you and your family. Tells your story better. Thanks for inviting me in to your home!! Ramona your are a blessing. 

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MILO::NEWBORN { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } These kids are just so blond, cute and good! Milo you are a lucky little guy with these two cool gals looking after you. 

xo Greens! 

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KYNLEE::NEWBORN { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } Oh Miss Kynlee...... THAT HAIR!!!! You're a literally doll and I hope to see you again SOOOOOOOONNN!!! 


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THE ROMIJN KIDDOS { Grand Rapids Michigan Photographer } These three though...... I can't get over these gorgeous children and their beautiful golden hair! 


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THE DETMER EXTENDED FAMILY SESSION { Grand Rapids Family Photographer } If you ask me if you can bring a vintage couch to our shoot, I will always always ALWAYS say yes!! This was an awesome time with an awesome tribe. Much love Detmers!! 


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THE SUPER SEXY MISS S. { Grand Rapids Boudoir Photographer } Such an amazing amazing model!!! Love the tats, love the outfits, love the make up, love it all. You killed this shoot girl! 




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CADEN IS ONE!!! { Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer } This little old man outfit is the greatest! And he smashed the crap out of his cake and gave me such adorable pictures. Happy one year little dude! 


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