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THE ALLENS::FAMILY { Grand Rapids Photographer }

March 29, 2021
Well, yall have a whole other child now.... just means we need to update these;) Love my Allens!
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AMANDA AND ERIC { Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding Photographer }

March 05, 2021
Man.... I miss these two and Chicago.... Stupid pandemic.
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ASHLEY AND BEN::ENGAGED!!! { Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding Photographer }

February 27, 2021
Happy wedding week FINALLY!!!! Uggh.... because of covid these poor souls have had to change their date from May to Sept, and sadly I can't shoot it because I had another...
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BRITTY$ FIDDY::QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY { Grand Rapids Michigan Event Photography }

June 14, 2020
For all of Britt's friends and family! I know you all missed a big bash. Damn covid. But Seth put together such a sweet and thoughtful birthday for his beloved. Cards wit...
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